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ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival - LA Campaign

Campaing Objective: To promote and share the experience at the ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival in LA through local influencers with daughters 6-12 years old. 

Target Audience: Families in the LA area withdaughters 6-12 years old. 

Campaign Link: Please use only this link when linking to the ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Fesival website, please copy and paste this exact link


See below for event specific information

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Please tag  @ivivva_coasttocoast on Instagram and on Facebook

Coast To Coast General Messages:

  •  ivivva is throwing epic summer festivals from coast to coast to connect girls through movement and inspire them to dream big
  •  ivivva communities throughout North America will also be hosting summer festivals between June 17 – July 23. Check in with your local store for details! 
  •  Our 4 major stops on the tour are Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and will host up to 500 girls. Details include:
    •  yoga, inspiration, Dreams & Goals, dance party and loads of surprises
    •  exclusive ivivva Coast to Coast Festival tank (limited quantities)
    •  register and learn more at 
  •  events are designed for girls aged 6-15
  •  festival events are free admission; as well, the ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival exclusive tank is available at registration and for sale at the event (limited quantities, based on availability)
  •  Co-creation with girls is at the heart of everything we do. The ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival was co-created with girls: 
    •  the ivivva-cle (our made up name for our fun Jeep + Happy Camper) was created with input from girls to include a Jeep, an outdoor yoga lounge, sweet chill space, bubbles & a charging station

Call To Action: 

  • Find our more and register today at  
  • Missed Boston? Check in with your local store to see what events they have planned at 
  • Follow the ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival adventure on , Instagram: @ivivva_coasttocoast, Facebook: ivivva CoastToCoast and Snapchat: ivivva.  


  • Influencers are welcome to share any and all assets available at:


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  • #ivivva #ivivvasummerfestivalLA #ad or #sponsored (please use together)

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  1. Encourage your audience to check out the ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival page for more information on the events 
  2. Include hashtag #ad or #sponsored
  3. Include an image from asset folder provided or your own approved image
  4. For blog, vlog and video posts please include the following disclaimer at the bottom of your post: Although this post has been generously sponsored by ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival, the opinions and language are my own.

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-        Tell a story

-        Keep your posts as authentic as possible

-        Respect the brand image

-        DO NOT post images of other brands 

-        DO NOT mention of competing products or services

DO NOT tag any other handles in posts

- DO NOT post photos of anyone without their permission  

ivivva Coast to Coast LA Key Messaging


Santa Monica Pier: Saturday July 16, 9am – 11:30am


LA Priority Messaging:

  •  There are still a few festival passes remaining for ivivva Coast To Coast Summer Festival LA – don’t delay - get your free festival pass here.
  •  Get your girls ivivva-festival ready and share out their looks! Contact Laura McIntyre to set up a fit session in-store (Plaza El Segundo or Topanga locations) Note: 2 days notice required.
  •  Did you know ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival tanks are only available in limited quantities at registration and festival events? Be sure to get your exclusive festival tank here
  •  We’re expecting up to 400 girls at the ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival in LA – be sure to get there early to enjoy all the fun and surprises!
  •  Share out details as they are announced on Instagram: @ivivva_coasttocoast, Facebook: ivivva CoastToCoast
    •  ivivva-cle photos
    •  details on event activities


LA Event Experience Highlights Messaging: 

  •  Festival inspired touches upon arrival: tribal marker artist, photobooth, flash mob & DJ
  •  Yoga with Cristi Christensen, a former elite-level gymnast and platform diver, who now teaches yoga all over the world
  •  Dreams & Goals with inspiring speakers (GirlUp ambassador Morgan Park, singer/songwriter Koda Corvette + Found of Healthy is the New Skinny, Katie Wilcox)
  •  Flash mob choreographed by local girl Rylee who we met through our Plaza El Segundo store (LA Lakers Cheerleaders will be surprising the girls by joining them in the flash mob)
  •  Performance by Koda Corvette, youtube singer/songwriter, who started playing piano at the age of 5 and songwriting at the age 9 


Run of Show: (note times are subject to change)


8:00 - 9:00 am


9:00 - 9:05 am

Flash Mob

9:05 - 9:10 am


9:10 -9:35 am


9:35-9:40 am

Savasana into D&G

9:40 – 10:15 am

D&G with speakers woven in

10:15 – 10:30am

Snacks & festival fun


Teach Flash Mob (LA Laker Cheerleaders in the crowd)

10:40- 11:20 am

Dance Party & performance by Koda Corvette & Wrap Up

11:20 - 11:30 pm






Koda Corvette Bio:

Koda Corvette is a 16-year-old pop/R&B singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, actress, and performer in Los Angeles, CA. Born in Portland, OR, the young prodigy discovered her dream when she began singing and playing the piano at the age of 5 – later leading her to perform at local talent shows, fairs, charity and family events. Koda picked up songwriting as a 9-year-old and started recording/producing demos, with dancing and acting to soon follow. She performed on her breakout school tour across California during the 2014-15 school year and is currently performing shows at festivals, theme parks, malls, and more. Koda has opened up live in concert for big artists such as Becky G and Tori Kelly, then making waves at the LA and San Diego Neon Run EDM Concerts, the Special Olympics Fall and Summer Games, the Music Run LA, Splash Kingdom, the NOS Center, and the Universal CityWalk 5 Towers Concert Stage. She wrote, produced, and released her debut single, “Bring It On,” available online now on iTunes, and most popular music distribution sites.


Here’s Koda’s tagging/social media links:

Koda Corvette Social Media - 


Instagram- @kodacorvette


Twitter- @kodacorvette

Snapchat- kodacorvette



Official Store-







  •  The ivivva-cle will cover over 3,000 miles this summer


Call To Action: 

  •  Find our more and register today at  
  •  Can’t make LA? ivivva offers complimentary active classes and Dreams & goals sessions every week! Check in with your local store to see what events they have planned at 
  • Follow the ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival adventure on , Instagram: @ivivva_coasttocoast, Facebook: ivivva CoastToCoast and Snapchat: ivivva.  

Links & Tagging info:

  • Instagram: @ivivva_coasttocoast, Facebook: ivivva CoastToCoast and Snapchat: ivivva.  
  • #ivivva #ivivvasummerfestival

General messaging about ivivva:

Welcome to ivivva.

ivivva (ih-vee-vah) is a word we created meant to embody the strength and beauty in all girls. 

Inspired by active girls. Created by lululemon.

ivivva celebrates girls by designing beautiful, technical athletic wear (in sizes 6-14) and experiences that connect them through movement. From running and yoga to dance and goal-setting, ivivva stores offer a variety of complimentary athletic classes and Dreams & Goals programs that inspire girls to dream big. Shop or find the store nearest you at 

So, what are we all about?

ivivva creates technical, beautiful athletic apparel for girls

  • ivivva is designed with active girls in mind, to help them perform their best in all their activities (at the studio, gym, or outdoors), as well as transition them through their day (at school or just hanging out)

  • ivivva is co-created with girls; our designers are always listening to girls’ feedback and ideas and designing what she needs, even beyond what she can imagine 


  • we design to grow with her (in sizes 6-14), with thoughtful features and complimentary hemming

  • our quality promise: if our product doesn’t perform for you, we’ll take it back 


we create experiences to connect girls through movement 

  • ivivva stores (and showrooms) are community spaces that quickly transform with moveable fixtures to host complimentary events like dance, yoga, run clinics, and a variety of athletic classes so she can try new activities, make new connections, and have fun

  • we encourage girls to test out the gear they are trying on, and we have the space to let them move and see how it feels (think cartwheels, roundhouse kicks or pirouettes!)

we encourage girls to dream big

  • through our Dreams & Goals programs, offered in all our stores and showrooms, we encourage girls to dream big and set goals for themselves, and at the same time, to know that falling and getting get back up again is all part of the journey